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About Gangotri Dham

A significant site for some of the four Char Dhams, Gangotri is a modest village that is entirely centred on the Gangotri temple. It is India’s most important and largest temple dedicated to the river Ganga, who is revered as a goddess. The holy site of Gangotri, which is situated at a height of 3048 metres in the middle of forested environmental factors, constitutes one of the most important pilgrimage routes for committed Hindus and emanates an intensely spiritual energy.

The beginning of the sacred movement is at Gaumukh, which is located inside the Gangotri glacial mass and is accessible via a short 19 kilometre journey from Gangotri. In any event, as indicated by Hindu tradition, Gangotri is where the Ganges River was cast from paradise while Lord Shiva permitted the powerful to escape from his delicious locks.

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History About Gangotri

The Ganga, the source of life, made contact with the soil before the Himalayas. Beside Bhagirathi’s right back is where the Goddess-dedicated sacred site of Gangotri is found. The Gangotri temple, which is located at a height of 3042 metres, was first mentioned by a Gorkha officer by the name of Amar Singh Thapa in the middle of the eighteenth century.

Hindu mythology states that following King Bhagiratha’s centuries-long penance, “Goddess Ganga assumed the appearance of a river to atone for the wrongdoings of his forebears. In order to soften the impact of her fall, Lord Shiva took her into his wild hair. She was given the name Bhagirathi during her legendary beginnings. The records of Gangotri are the subject of numerous legends. According to legend, Ganga, a beautiful and vivacious young woman, was created from Lord Brahma’s kamandalu (water vessel) There are differences over where the Ganga begins. Others claim that after removing the demon Bali from the universe, Brahma cleaned Lord Vishnu’s feet.


About Gangotri Temple

Gangotri is where the holy river Ganga discharged its waters upon the planet. India’s Uttarkashi, in the Uttarakhand region, is home to Gangotri Dham. It may be India’s holiest excursion and is situated among the tall Garhwal Himalayan pinnacles, freezing masses, and profound forests. In Gangotri, there are numerous temples, ashrams, and small sanctuaries.

On the banks of the Bhagirathi River stands the Gangotri Temple, which is dedicated to the goddess Ganga. It is close to the “Bhagirath Shila,” a holy stone where King Bhagiri had revered Lord Shiva. The voyage can be used to access the river’s actual source, which is located at Gaumukh inside the Gangotri ice mass, 19 kilometres from Gangotri. It is said that the water from Gangotri, which is sent to Lord Shiva as a gift, contains nectar that soothes Shiva’s throat after he ingested the poison.

Open / Close

Gangotri Opening & Closing Dates

The Gangotri Yatra, or a journey day excursion to the Gangotri temple, is one of the 4 renowned and sacred temple visits, as suggested by Hinduism (Chardham Yatra). AkshyaTritya day is typically the opening date of the Gangotri temple. Winter forced the closure of Gangotri Dham this year; it may reopen in the future on 3 May 2022.

A fully unique Ganges Puja performed both inside the temple and on the river bank is how the Gangotri temple was first opened. The Goddess is accustomed to withdrawing to Mukhwa, her colder season home. In addition to Badrinath, Kedarnath, and Yamunotri, Gangotri Temple is a sacred area dedicated to the River Ganga. During the peak winter months of November to April, the holy place is still in close proximity. On Janmashtami, Vijaydashmi, and Diwali, however, amazing puja is performed.


Gangotri Dham Location

With a peak elevation of 3048 metres, Gangotri is situated in the Indian state of Uttarakhand’s Himalayas. In Uttarkashi District’s northern region, near to the Indo-Tibetan border, is where Gangotri is located. The distances from Dehradun, Rishikesh, and Uttarkashi are typically 300, 250, and 105 kilometres, respectively.

In addition to Hanuman Chatti and Janki Chatti, Gangotri is also connected to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Kotdwar, Roorkee, Chamba, Tehri, and Barkot. Samyukt Rotation Yatayat Vyawastha Samiti’s delivery services are also available, connecting Gangotri with numerous significant nearby locations like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Tehri, Uttarkashi, and so on. Air, rail, and other forms of transportation may easily reach Gangotri.


How To Reach

Gangotri is well-related through motorable roads with all primary locations of Uttarakhand. Buses and taxis to Gangotri are without difficulty to be had from all round Uttarakhand.

Rishikesh, around 230 kilometres from Gangotri, is the closest railway station.

The closest airport to Gangotri is Jolly Grant Airport, which is about 250 kilometres away. With daily flights, Jolly Grant Airport is conveniently connected to Delhi.


Tourist Places Near Gangotri


The source of the sacred Bhagirathi River is Gaumukh, also known as Gomukh, one of the holiest places in Uttarakhand. It is the second-largest glacier in India and is located 18 kilometres from Gangotri. Due to its tranquilly and reverent legendary past, it is thronged with believers. Gaumukh is most accessible from May to October and remains close during the rest of the year.

Gangotri Glacier

The Gangotri Glacier, located in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, is arranged inside the radiant Garhwal Himalayas. Beginning off-evolved on the northern slope of Chaukhamba’s range of pinnacles is this icy lump. With a forecast volume of over 27 cubic kilometres, this ice sheet serves as a crucial source for the Ganga River and is the largest frozen mass inside the Himalayas.

Surya Kund

A stunning waterfall in Gangotri called Surya Kund is about 500 metres from the Gangotri Temple. Since it is widely held that Goddess Parvati used to bathe here, evoking the Sun God, Surya Kund has religious significance. As water enters the kund while the sun is shining, a rainbow is produced. Going to Surya Kund in the morning is the best time to visit.

Kedar Tal

Kedar Lake, which is 4425 metres above sea level, is well-known for its calm waters and enjoyable hike over the rolling hills that span an 18-kilometer distance. Just make sure you pack a handy manual for the trip and bring it along with you.


Gangotri Dham Yatra Packages

New Delhi to Gangotri Ek Dham Yatra


Duration : 5 days and 4 nights.
Price: Starting at INR 4,999
Starts From : Delhi
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Package From Delhi To Yamunotri Gangotri


Duration : 7 Days and 6 Nights
Price: On Your Request
Starts From: Delhi
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Pilgrimage to Gangotri Badrinath Do Dham


Duration:8 Days/ 7 Nights
Price: On Your request.
Starts from: Delhi
Transport: Innova Cab
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Pilgrimage to Gangotri Kedarnath


Duration: 8 Days and 7 Nights
Price: On Your Request
Starts From: Delhi
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Package for the Chardham Yatra from Rishikesh


Duration: 9 Days and 9 Nights
Price: Starting at INR 11,330
Starts from: Rishikesh
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Rishikesh to Do Dham Yatra


Duration: 6 Days/ 5 Nights
Price: Starting at INR 7,890
Starts from: Haridwar
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