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About Badrinath Dham

Lord Vishnu reveres Badrinath, particularly when he appears there in the dual form of Nara-Narayana. Adi Shankracharya renovated the Badrinath sanctuary in the eighth century as part of his larger effort to modernise Hinduism. The Badrinath Dham is a collection of various ancient sites with both verified and strict value that is organised along the Alaknanda stream’s banks. It should come as no great surprise that Badrinath is one of the most frequented holy sites in the nation, despite the challenging journey to the location.

The most famous shrine for the both Chota Char Dham and India Char Dham is Badrinath. Indeed, Badrinath is one of India’s four adventure destinations. In the north, there is Badrikashram (Badrinath Temple), in the south, Rameshwaram, in the west, and in the east, Jagannathpuri.

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History About Badrinath

The word “Badrinath” comes from the adjacent word “Badri,” which refers to a group of wild berries. The chronicles of the Badrinath sanctuary contain legends and personal strong points. There are several legends surrounding the Badrinath sanctuary. According to legend, when Lord Vishnu was sitting on those mountains in penitence, His life partner Lady Laxmi appeared as a berry tree and protected Him from the harsh sun. It is not just the Lord’s home; it is also the residence of countless pilgrims, holy people, and sages who come in pursuit of illumination.

According to the Vamana Purana, the sages Nara and Narayana, the “5th emblem of Lord Vishnu,” practised repentance inside the sanctuary throughout Badrinath’s entire existence. Many stringent legends about Badrinath can be found in certain ancient Hindu religious scriptures. According to folklore, Badrinath is frequently referred to as Badri Vishal and took on an adventurous role for Hindus.

According to SkandPuran, Adi Guru Shankaracharya recovered the Lord Badrinath symbol from Narad Kund, and it was reinstated on this sanctuary in the eighth century A.D. There are some holy places in paradise, on Earth, and in the fires of hell, but there is no altar like Badrinath, according to Skanda Purana, which provides more information about the location.


About Badrinath Temple

The magnificent Badrinath Temple, sometimes referred to as the Badrinarayan Temple, is one of the Char Dham Temples. It is situated in Badrinath town and is devoted to Lord Vishnu. In addition to the Badrinath sanctuary, the town of Badrinath is home to the Yog Dhyan Badri, Bhavishya Badri, Adi Badri, and Vriddha Badri sanctuaries. The shrine is decorated in a North Indian style with stone partitions and decorations in addition to a bright and sturdy entrance.

The Shree Badrinath Temple is divided into three parts  :

  1. The GarbhaGriha, also known as the sanctum sanctorum 
  2. The Darshan Mandap, where rites are carried out 
  3. The Sabha Mandap, where devotees gather to worship.


A gold sheet protects the Garbha Griha, a component of the Badrinath altar, which serves as its shelter. The complex comprises 15 symbols, but the one-meter-tall, carefully etched picture of Master Badrinarayan in dark stone is the most attractive. It addresses Lord Vishnu who is seated in the padmasan pose of contemplation. A gap in the Temple complex called the Darshan Mandap is where devotees and pioneers gather to pray to God for good fortune. Each puja has to be completed long before it can be performed by taking a holy dip in the Tapta Kund. In contrast to other Hindu temples, they perform their rituals in front of visitors.


Open / Close

Badrinath Opening & Closing Dates and times

The Badrinath Temple regularly changes its opening schedule between April and May and closes for the winter during the third week of November. As a result, the sanctuary is typically closed for quite a long time, during which time prayers for Badri Vishal are offered at the Joshimath sanctuary’s Narsimha. Due to the winter weather this year, Badrinath Temple has been closed. It may reopen on May 8 at 6.15 a.m.

On Basant Panchami, the monks typically announce the dates for the opening of the Badrinath Temple. From April through May to October through November, Badrinath is available to pilgrims; it is closed from December through February. On the Narsimha Temple in Joshimath, the Winter Abode of Lord Badrinath, worship of Lord Badri Vishal continues.

The priests ignite a light in front of the icon in the sanctum before the end date of the Badrinath sanctuary entryways. It is stated that Narad Muni, who found salvation here, continues with the request customs every day during the cold weather months. This concept is developed by the fact that when the sanctuary is reopened after a break in the spring, the light is still visible to flash!


Badrinath Dham Location

The Hindu holy city of Badrinath is located in the Chamoli Nagar Panchayat in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Where can one find Badrinath? It is situated beneath Nilkanth Peak, at a height of 10170.6 feet (3100 metres). All major modes of transportation, including air, train, and road, can provide extremely good service to this city. The fastest way to go to Badrinath is via vehicle or train.

There isn’t any immediate transportation or train control to Badrinath. You must first challenge out to Haridwar/Rishikesh in order to reach Badrinath. You can conveniently take a straight delivery or cab to Badrinath once you’ve arrived in Haridwar or Rishikesh.
When compared to trains and aviation routes, the site of Badrinath is correctly accessible via methods streets. Amazingly, it is located 525 kilometres from Delhi and 296 kilometres from Rishikesh.

Right now, people are wondering how to approach getting to Badrinath. Regular transportation is available from Delhi, Haridwar, and Rishikesh to Badrinath. Nicely connected to Dehradun, Kotdwar, Joshi Math, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Dev Prayag, and many slope stations in the Garhwal and Kumaon districts.


How To Reach

The major city clusters in north India are all somewhat connected to Badrinath. Transports are available for continuous hire from Delhi, Haridwar, and Rishikesh to Badrinath.

The Rishikesh Railway Station is 297 km away at the same time as Kotdwar Railway Station is at a distance of 327km

Around 317 km away is the Jolly Grant Airport near Dehradun. Departures from some good sized Indian city groups land here.


Tourist Places Near Badrinath


At an elevation of 1829 metres, Pandukeshwar is a holy site that is on the route to Lord Vishnu’s residence, “Badrinath.” King Pandu, the father of the great Pandavas from the Mahabharata, adored Lord Shiva in Pandukeshwar, which is located 18 kilometres from Joshimath.

Alkapuri Glacier

The source of the Alaknanda River is Alkapuri. It is held at the foot of Balakun Top, 4,600 metres above sea level, close to Badrinath, in the Chamoli region of Uttarakhand.


Vasudhara Falls

One of the most fascinating places to visit in Uttarakhand is the nectar-sweet Vasudhara Falls, which is located close to the holy town of Badrinath. This mysterious cascade descends from a stage that is 400 feet, or 120 metres, above sea level.

Gorson Bugyal

Only three kilometres separate Gurson Bugyal (Gorso Bugyal), which is at an elevation of 3,519 metres (11,545 feet), from Auli. It is a sizable area with green fields that are encircled by oak trees and coniferous woods.


Badrinath Dham Yatra Packages

Badrinath Package From Haridwar


Duration: 2 Nights Trip
Price: Rs.9,573/-
Starts from: Haridwar
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Badrinath Yatra Package From Delhi


Duration: 4 Nights Trip
Price: Rs. 12,378/- 
Starts from: Delhi
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Badrinath Ek Dham Yatra From Delhi


Duration: 5 Nights Trip
Price: Rs.5,000/-
Starts from: Delhi
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Do Dham Kedarnath Badrinath Yatra Package from Delhi


Duration: 6 Nights Trip
Price: On Demand
Starts from: Delhi
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Do Dham Kedarnath Badrinath Helicopter Package From Dehradun


Duration: 1 Day Trip
Price: Rs. 99,000/- 
Starts from: Dehradun
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Kedarnath Badrinath Do Dham Package From Haridwar


Duration: 4 Nights Trip
Price: Rs.10,589/-
Starts from: Haridwar
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